The address of our warehouse has changed!
24 May 2021
Our warehouse moved to new premises.
Regarding delivery via DHL postal service
22 April 2021
Due to Brexit consequences, delivery via DHL has been temporarily put on hold.
The procedure of shipping parcels through postal services has been established
22 April 2021
We are glad to announce that the procedure of parcels delivery from the UK through postal services has been established.
Shipments price increase
21 April 2021
Due to the secession of Great Britain from the European Union, expenses associated with the delivery of parcels through postal services have increased.
On the use of the UK virtual address for the shopping in EU
21 April 2021
The Great Britain has finally left European Union starting  January 1, 2021. In December 2020 the free trade agreement was conducted between EU and the UK.

Regarding shipments going through postal services with regards to Brexit
21 April 2021
At the end of December 2020, the UK made a free trade deal with the European Union.