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A seller refuses to ship items and agrees to "Collection in person Only". Can pick up such items from a seller and deliver them to the warehouse?

We offer you several options for the delivery within the UK (seller/store to warehouse):

1. Individual item collection by our driver

The service is suitable in cases a seller cannot pack goods for the transportation or an item is too heavy and large for shipping with any courier service.

The collection price amounts to £1.15 per 1 British mile +£5 service fee (return trip is free) if the distance is more than 50 miles. If less than 50 miles the service fee is + £10. If a collection address is located in the central London the fee is + £20-25. There are also possible tolls for crossing London (some London streets as well as Dartford Crossing are payable).

For example:

The distance between our warehouse and a seller is 100 British miles (106km approx.). The collection service, in this case, costs 120 pounds. 

The service price will amount to 56 pounds (46+10) with the distance of 40 miles between the warehouse and the seller.

You can also calculate the service price yourselves by following the link ("Get Directions" section). The A field should be filled with our warehouse PE13 3FF post code and the B field is for a seller's address ( Using post code is highly recommended for more precise calculations).

The service features:

  • We can arrange the collection on the day and time most suitable for a seller
  • We can pack your items for safer transportation (some sellers do not have any opportunity to pack their sold goods)

2. Courier collection arrangement

This service can only be done with a seller have agreed to delivery with a courier service. In case a seller cannot pack an item a courier won't collect it.

We can arrange collection with a third party courier service (Hermes, UPS, Parcelforce etc.) that picks up an item from a seller and delivers it to our warehouse. Delivery quote is available at:
A seller must provide the date that is most suitable for a courier to come and collect an item as well as to prepare it for shipment. A courier collection arrangement is charged with £5 fee.

The service features:

  • A seller must prepare the item(s) for shipment (to pack properly).
  • The collection with a courier service is only booked for a certain day and the collection time slot cannot be specified. It means that a driver is to show up on a particular day from 8am till 8pm.

What information is required to order a pick up service?

  • The full seller's address, phone number and the link for the item in question.