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Is it possible to arrange delivery with an alternative courier services?

Sometimes a customer may wish to have their parcel delivered with various courier services not stated in the delivery page. In such cases we can use alternative delivery methods suggested by a customer though the service is additionally charged.

The amount of fees are determined by the weight of a parcel.


Parcel weight
0 kg to 2 kg £6
2 kg to 4 kg £7
4 kg to 8 kg £8
8 kg to 10 kg £12
10 kg to 14 kg £14
14 kg to 18 kg £18
18 kg to 22 kg £20
22 kg to 30 kg £25

Typically we use Parcel2go website offering most popular courier services.

How do I use Parcel2go service?

- You need to enter postcodes of both a sender and a recipient as well as all the required information about a parcel (weight, dimensions) to get a delivery quote.

Note: You should consider variants with only the "collection" option if a parcel is sent FROM warehouse.

How do I track a parcel with Parcel2go? 

- To track your parcel sent with a courier service your should visit Parcel2Go, choose "Track a Parcel" section and enter your track number. 

Where do I inform of the preferable courier service?

- After picking the courier service your next step is to form a parcel. After submitting your parcel to the packing, "additional comments" section appears where you can give your preferences regarding the chosen delivery method.

Can parcels sent with this service be insured?

- As a rule, you may choose your parcel to be insured. After choosing a courier service you like and stepping to the page with a parcel dimensions and contents description you should opt for "Yes, I would like to protect my £......parcel against loss or damage for £... exc VAT" option.

Make sure to have a look at the compensation indemnity for various courier services here: