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How to assess the reliability of an online store?

What should you check in the first place?

If you are browsing a big popular online-store website there is no ground to suspect any fraud however you need to make sure that this is an original website and not a fraudulent copy. Check whether an address line have any typos or other discrepancies.  

-So, the fisrt rule is to check the spelling of a website address. Make sure it is the original website.

What do we do if a website is not big and well-known?

Any online store has to start with something small. Frequently we are offered with great deals on exactly such small online-stores that have to figure out how to be more attractive compared to others.

What should we check to make sure that such an online-store is reliable? Here we have some recommendations.

Always open About us, Contact us, T&C, Privacy notice pages. There should be info regarding company name, registered address and contact details. Send a pre-order email inquiry or reach a store via phone call in order to get assistance regarding an item of your interest.

-This is the second rule - check pages with a company information.

Are these measures enough to assess the reliability of an online store? Unfortunately no.
Now it is high time to just have a good look at a store contents and design in general.  Is it well made? Does it have enough goods information/details/description?
An online store that does day-to-day trade should make an impression of a trustworthy company  but not a fly-by-night company.

- This is the third rule we'd recommend you to consider - an online store design should be elaborate, all the links and services should work as expected.

The next possible step is to find any available information regarding this store on the internet.
Surprisingly, but if there is a moderate amount of negative feedbacks it is a good sign. Any growing business always has both positive and negative reviews. On the contrary, the absence of any negative reviews is a reason for alertness.

-  The forth rule - find customers' reviews on the internet.

If an online store in question meets all the requirements you can proceed with your purchase.
However we would recommend to start with something not very valuable in order to make sure that an order will be delivered to you as expected with no issues.