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Regarding the consolidation fee for orders purchased with Assisted Purchase

What is the reason for to charge orders consolidation/split fee?

Each order is a sole independent unit that requires involvement of all company departments. Every order must be purchased, received at the warehouse, stored and eventually gathered for the package. Multiple tiny orders without any regulations as of additional charges for their consolidation will easily lead to the whole system collapse.

The order consolidation fee is aiming to inspire customers opt for one large order instead of 5 small ones. As it is easier to process one order by 200 pounds than to manage 5 different orders of 40 pounds each. Sure, we are glad to consolidate orders for our customers that said the service is additionally charged.

The same reasons are applied for the order split. Bigger orders or cargo split service requires more time and additional staff workload. Therefore, the charges were added.

The service costs 1.5 pounds per one consolidation/split of orders.