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What is the difference between the Virtual Address service and the Assisted Purchase service?

The main difference between these two services is that in case of using Virtual Address our customers pay for orders directly to online stores by themselves without our assistance. During checkout a customer needs to specify our UK address as the delivery address and his name. We receive such an order at our warehouse and forward it further to a customer.

When using the Assisted Purchase service, a customer places an order on account filling all the required order detailes, pays for it and we make a purchase in accordance with this order. After order delivery to our warehouse, we send it to a customer.

Sometimes, there may be a necessity for communication/disputes with online stores regarding online orders. involvement in such communication depends on the type of service a customer used. In case of the Assisted Purchase service handles all the disputes free of charge. In case of using the Virtual Address service a customer communicates with a store by himself since he is a direct buyer.

Another significant difference between the services is that the Assisted Purchase service offers a free SKU, size and colour check of all orders received at the warehouse, whereas the Virtual Address service offers order check as an additional paid service.

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