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Why doesn't provide a warehouse cell number for Virtual address service? Aren't there any problems with orders identification?

Why doesn't provide a warehouse cell number for Virtual address service?

Admittedly, many companies provide the "Virtual address" service with an individual warehouse cell number. A customer states the cell number when placing an order with a store or an auction.
On the one hand, it helps with orders identification and faster processing when accepting them at the warehouse. On the other hand, the cell number going with the address is not a fully functional address and may be considered as p/o box. Many sellers and stores refuse to deliver their goods to addresses containing cell numbers.

Technically speaking, it is easier for to use cell numbers system but, in fact, it will depreciate the service, make less helpful and reduce its features.

Therefore, we provide our customers with the full address without any individual cell numbers to make the service advanced. The address without a cell number is an average, full and operating address.

Moreover, all the orders arriving at the warehouse are truly stored in their designated cell numbers.

Aren't there any problems with orders identification?

If there are customers with the same name in our database, the customer support service contacts both of them regarding a delivered order. The order is added to account of an actual order owner right after he provides a short description of the expected order. Thus, possible  mistakes in order identification are eliminated.