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Как это работает?

You place an order for over £200 in any UK online store with payment through Your order may contain any items quantity from 1 store. We work with Amazon, Sportsdirect, Next, Asos, Yoox and thousands of other stores!

We'll purchase your order within 1 business day. We'll check, pack and send your order to you with no additional payments. You will receive your order from the UK at a store price with no shipping expenses.

Какие заказы могут быть доставлены бесплатно?

- Orders for over £200 and parcel weighing up to 5 kg. An order must include VAT (Value Added Tax).

- Orders for over £300 and parcel weighing from 5 kg to 10 kg. An order must include VAT (Value Added Tax).

Пример 1
Your parcel weight is 4 kg, contents value is £220.

You are eligible for FreeShip service.

Пример 2
Your parcel weight is 3 kg, contents value is £150.

FreeShip service cannot be applied towards this order.

Пример 3
Your parcel weight is 9 kg, contents value is £350.

You are eligible for FreeShip service.

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В чем отличие сервиса FreeShip от обычных заказов и от использования сервиса «Виртуальный адрес»?

Free delivery!
Along with free packaging materials and your order check upon its reception into our warehouse
No fees applied!
Convenience. There is no need in filling out your parcel delivery details in your account
Possibility of free home delivery

Вы просто делаете заказ по цене магазина и получаете свой товар без дополнительных расходов!

Обо всех этапах выполнения заказа вы будете получать уведомления по СМС.

Почему возможна бесплатная доставка? На чем зарабатывает Alfaparcel?

We profit off your order VAT.
To be more precise, part of an order VAT amount. We will have to spend main part of this amount on delivery, packaging materials, staff, warehouse rent and other related expenses. This is the reason for an order to be expensive enough in order to cover all these costs.
By the way, VAT return is only our concern, we will arrange VAT refund after an order purchase.

Обратите внимание

  • Your order must be at least of £200 or more to meet the FreeShip service requirements. A parcel weight is a matter of importance as well. Parcels weighing up to 5kg must be at least £200. Parcels weighing from 5kg to 10kg must be at least £300. £1500 is the maximum order value.
  • An order cost must include VAT. The majority of brand new goods that are available for online purchase do include VAT. However there are several exceptions and some goods categories are not taxed.
    For example, clothing and footwear for children, foodstuffs, books. Moreover, private eBay sellers most often do not apply VAT to their merchandise.
  • Our customer is responsible to pay a parcel postage cost within the UK from a store to our warehouse  in case it is not free. An average postage cost is £3-4 (for standard orders).
  • A parcel weight should not exceed 10kg. A parcel dimensions should not exceed 155cm in the sum of all sides (length, width and height ) and 105cm for one side. If your order exceeds the above stated weight/dimensions, you can reach our customer support team to discuss individual conditions.
  • Please keep in mind that a fully packed ready-to-dispatch parcel weights more than an order itself due to use of packaging materials. Packaging materials additional weight may come up from 200gr (for small parcels) to 2-3kg. It is important to take this point into account and always leave 10-20% of an order weight for packing materials.