How to check the reliability of an online store?

How to check the reliability of an online store?

So what does internet safety mean for the consumers? What should we look at in the first place? If you visit a large and well-known online store, you have no reason for doubts about its reliability. With their multimillion turnover, there is no logic for large online retailers to waste their time like that. Their owners have long realized they can earn a lot more by doing an honest business on the web, rather than scamming customers. Therefore, when you do visit this store, make sure you really are on the right page, not on a fake site, no other precautions will be necessary. The address bar of your web browser will help you do that.


So, the first rule is to type in the website’s addresses correctly! Check the authenticity of the website. But what should you do if the website isn’t large or famous? Are all small or “old” sites frauds? The obvious answer is no, of course not. Any online store has to start somewhere. Huge online supermarkets started small, too. It is the small websites that often have very attractive offers at low prices. After all, that’s what it takes a small website to promote itself. Now how to determine the reliability of a small online store? Here a few recommendations. Always check the sections About us, Contact us, etc. Any normal company will have its registration data, full address and telephone number specified in these sections.  If you want to shop a website, but still hesitate, pay the utmost attention to the description of the company. Take the time to write a small letter to that online store or what’s even better – call the store and ask a few questions regarding your items.

The second rule is to read and check the About Us section. Suppose you’ve checked the About Us section. All the data are available, both telephone and e-mail work, the store staff responds to your inquiries. Is this enough to make a purchase? Of course, it isn’t. Take a look at the website in question. Does it look well-designed? Does it have enough content? After all, if an online store is constantly selling something, and was not created in one week, it should look respectable. Sometimes a website, “selling” the latest models of smart phones doesn’t have even the simplest functions, like a shopping cart. Respectable appearance of a website is very important, but don’t get too fixated – just make sure the website you want to shop looks decent.

Our third rule is that the website should look decent, that is, have a minimum visual respectability and quality. Suppose the website in question passes this filter as well. It would seem that the time has come to make a purchase, but do not rush into it. Now is a good time to check the feedback about the website! Google it! Try to find negative reviews, using various phrases that can help you. It is important to note that any actual company should have not only positive but also negative reviews. So, a moderate amount of negative reviews should not scare you, rather be alerted in case of their absence, which is typical for an entirely new online store.

Rule number four is to look for website reviews on the internet. Now it’s finally time to draw a line and reach a verdict. If the examined website safely passes all the checks – you can make a purchase. However, since neither you nor your friends have shopped this site before, start with something cheap just to be safe. Don’t spend a large amount all at once, it makes sense to spend less to see how it works!