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Best offer! Our VAT Refund service will help you to get a share of your order price back! Funds can be transferred back to your original payment method or spent on the delivery or other purchases
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VAT after all order expenses has been deducted! All order expenses can be covered by your VAT refund and its remaining amount can be transferred back to your bank account!

The maximum cost of a single order cannot exceed £1,500.

Many online abroad-shopping fans often ask themselves of why stores such as ASOS, Next, Tesco, etc. do not make VAT refunds to their customers from outside the UK! Well, there are many reasons for that but they all are easily narrowed down to the impracticality of such a strategy. The good news now is that all customers have an opportunity to get VAT they paid on their UK online orders back to them.

It's now cheaper to place large orders through the intermediary than purchase with online stores directly. The larger VAT is included in the order price, the bigger sum will then be refunded to you!

The VAT refund is a fee-based service. However, you still have the opportunity to benefit from shopping with us and getting a share of an order price back, regardless the fees!


1 item £15
2 to 5 items £20
6 to 10 items £25
11 to 15 items £30
16 to 20 items £35
For every 5 items thereafter £5


Products prices do not affect the cost of the VAT refund service. The fees for the service depend only on the amount of items in the order.

For example, your order consists of 5 items and their total cost is £450 (including £75 of VAT). Then the VAT refund service fee is £20 and you will receive £55 back. But in case you ordered 5 items with the total cost of £60 (including £10 of VAT) the fee for VAT refund service will still amount to £20. For such an order the small VAT refund amount doesn't cover the costs of our services.

Therefore the larger VAT amount is in your order, the more beneficial the VAT refund service is. If, for example, you order contains only 1 item amounting to £750 (including £125 of VAT) our service for you is only £15 and you will be refunded with £110 (£125-£15=£110).

Alongside the VAT refund service fees there are also costs of the delivery from the UK to you to be covered.

More examples of the beneficial use of VAT refund service

  Total price of items ordered Number of items ordered
VAT amount fees
Cost of delivery from the UK Benefits after all charges deducted
Example 1 £300 5 items £50 £20 around £25 £5
Example 2 £525 10 items £87.50 £25 around £25 £37.5
Example 3 £600 1 item £100 £15 around £20 £65
Example 4 £696 20 items £116 £35 around £50 £31
Example 5 £864 2 items £144 £20 around £25 £99
Example 6 £1 080 50 items £180 £60 around £60 £60

That way if VAT amount on your order is small you will not benefit from the VAT refund service. However, if your order contains a large amount of VAT it can completely cover both the service fees and the delivery costs.

Moreover if your order has a large VAT, you may be able to receive a portion of the payment refunded back to you after these deductions have been made.

The remainder of VAT is refunded to your original payment method.


VAT refund is a composite service that not only comprises of the VAT refund but also the assistance in goods purchasing, receiving goods with the warehouse, checking the SKU, size and colour of items received. Should you opt for this service we also offer you first 90-days  storage of goods and the consolidation/split of your orders.


  • Place an order that contains VAT and choose "Happy VAT" order section in your account. Use the calculator to get a quote on VAT amount on your order.
  • We purchase items for you, receive them with our warehouse, carry out the free check up of the SKU, size and colour of goods.
  • You can immediately request its dispatch as soon as we have your order delivered to our warehouse. We issue a delivery invoice to you. You may opt for a postal service you most prefer among those we offer.
  • The best part is you may not have to pay for the delivery!  We can send off your parcel straight away with the use of your VAT amount refund if VAT on your order is large enough to cover the delivery. If an order’s VAT is not sufficient enough to cover the delivery expenses you will have to pay extra.
  • VAT refund proper - due to the peculiarities of the UK tax regulations the VAT refund may take from 32 to 60 days. Once we receive your VAT refund from the tax office and delivery invoices are paid the remaining amount is securely transferred to your original payment method. You can choose to receive your money via PayPal, Skrill or Bank Transfer!

All the detailed statistics on orders and the corresponding expenses are available in orders section in your account.

Thus if there is the sufficient VAT amount in your order you don't have to pay additionally for the delivery or service fees. You only pay the total store price of an order and get a part of the paid money back. Any costs related to an order may covered with VAT!

So if you place an order of £500 with ASOS or Next you not only receive an order at the store’s price but also get £50 back! There are no other expenses!


Prior to making an order you should always check to see if there is VAT included in your order as not all the products are VAT included. For example, the prices for adult clothing and footwear include VAT but VAT is not charged on kids clothing and shoes. Also, private sellers on eBay do not charge VAT on their items. Nevertheless, most of the online product prices do include VAT. Please note that support do not provide counseling on if a product price contains VAT or not. This information can be found on the HMRC website here. More useful information is here.

The maximum cost of a single order cannot exceed £1,500.

Don't loose your hearts if your order contains a small VAT. Find someone to join you and place a larger order. We are always ready to send a VAT order to different recipients if necessary!

Exclusive Offer! Simply refer to a registered customer who places a VAT order with us and we refund you with your VAT right after dispatching your parcel!

If you participate in this offer and you will not have to wait for the VAT to be processed back by the UK tax authorities!

Most frequently asked question

In which stores can I make a purchase with a VAT refund?

Everything Customers have the option to refund the VAT they paid for their online orders in the UK.

How much does it cost to ship an order from the UK?

The cost of sending a purchase from the UK will be calculated individually based witch country you are shipping on, the weight and size of the parcel, as well as on the chosen courier service.

You can calculate the cost of the service on our website -

You can choose of courier services and country. You can also find out the approximate delivery date of your purchase.

How long does it take to deliver an order from the UK?

We cooperate with proven courier services - DPD, UPS, FEDEX, etc. The average delivery period is from 2 to 10 days.

Full tracking is available starting from the date of dispatch.

Parcelforce Worldwide - Global Priority - Delivery within 3-5 days
Parcelforce worldwide - Economical delivery in Euros within 4-6 days

FedEx World Economy - Delivery within 4-6 days
FedEx World Express - Delivery within 1-3 days

Hermes International Collection - Delivery within 3-7 days

UPS Standard - Delivery within 3-5 days
UPS express delivery within 1-3 days
UPS Express Saver - Delivery within 1-3 days

TNT Express - Delivery within 1-3 days
TNT Economy Express - Delivery within 4-6 days

DPD Classic European - Delivery within 3-5 days
DPD Air Classic - Delivery within 4-6 days

Landmark Collection - Delivery within 5-8 days

Please visit to learn more about shipping methods and get a delivery quota.

Can a packed parcel be repacked once again?

Sometimes a parcel is already packed and is to be dispatched from warehouse but a customer needs to repack it to change its contents. It is possible to carry out, however, the repacking of a ready for dispatch parcel is a paid service of £7. The repacking of a parcel under 2kg is £4.