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How long parcel forwarding takes

A quick service is our priority. We have Speed or Compensation program. Always being in compliance with our time frames is one of our main priorities.

We work fast and value our customers' time, therefore, meeting the specified deadlines is one of our top priorities. So that our customers can be sure that the processing time is a matter of importance for us, we are happy to announce a special ‘Speed or Compensation’ program.

The essence of the ‘Speed or Compensation’ program is that we compensate our clients for any violation of the stated deadlines. We work fast or pay compensation!

Please see below the timeframes that we are committed to and the amount of compensation we are to pay pay in case of a delay.

  Standard time Max time Compensation for exceeding the max time
Responding to customers' written requests 2-6 business hours up to 1 business day £2 to a customer’s balance
Purchasing of a customer's order 2-8 business hours up to 1 business day refund of 50% of our commission on an order
Adding an order to a customer's account upon its delivery at our warehouse same day
up to 1 business day £2 to a customer’s balance
Parcels packaging on a day of package request* up to 48 hours (weekdays only) £5 to a customer’s balance
Dispatching of a packed parcel within 1 business day up to 48 hours (weekdays only) £5 to a customer’s balance

* In case a customer places a packaging request before 8:00 AM British time. If later then a parcel is to be packed the next working day.

Also, customers have an option of urgent packaging request or urgent purchase of an order within 1 hour. These are additional paid services that cost £5 per each urgent request.


Let's suppose we failed to pack a  parcel within the maximum timeframe stated. This is highly unlikely, however, imagine the situation that it happened. A customer would be eligible to receive £5 to account balance. This amount can be spent on anything; on top of that it can be withdrawn from an account via a money transfer. Our customers get results on time or get compensated for delays without useless waiting.

Our 'Speed or Compensation' program is new to the market that we represent. We believe that any company specializing in assisted purchases can offer competitive commission fees. However, there are only a few that are able to compete in terms of shipping costs and quality of services provided.


Compensation can only be redeemed when the delays are caused by itself. The 'Speed or Compensation' program can not be applied in case of any force majeure situations, as well as delays caused by third parties. For example, a power outage at our warehouse may affect our operational time and therefore there may be delays on processing of all requests. Or, if an online store server goes down, we would not be able to buy a required item on time.

In order to claim your compensation, kindly contact our customer support online on your personal account.