eBay Auction

eBay Auction

What are the benefits of shopping on eBay?

eBay is an auction website with a very large selection of products and the lowest prices on the market.

The main advantage of shopping on eBay with alfa.uk assistance is that we do not charge a commission for each order placed, but for the parcel once it has been consolidated with all your orders and is ready to be dispatched. This means that you can place several orders with different values and at different times and store them at our warehouse (free 30 day storage) before consolidating.

For example, say today you buy a case for your phone, then tomorrow you buy a DVD player, a week later you then buy yourself a suit, these items may be purchased from one or several sellers. We will not charge a commission for every single order placed. Instead, you will be charged only one commission once ALL of your purchased items have been consolidated into one parcel and is ready for dispatch.

More advantages

of purchasing items on eBay.co.uk with alfa.uk
You can place hundreds of bids through your personal account on the alfa.uk website

If you lose a bid then you will not pay any commission and you can immediately place another bid.

You are able to shop like a UK resident

The vast majority of sellers do not ship items outside of the UK. We will buy the required item for you and send it your way.

Low cost consolidation

For the consolidation of several ordered items into one parcel will cost £1 for each additional item added to the parcel, maximum charge of £15 per parcel. So, to consolidate 2 items into one parcel would cost you £1, and 3 items would cost £2 and so on. However once you have reached the maximum charge of £15 then you will not be charged any extra for each additional item, so for 20 items you will only pay £15.

Free item check on orders

We will verify to make sure that the item received matches the ordered item at no extra cost. However, please note, that this does not include the testing of the item’s functioning, quality of the product or matching its features with the description as this is an additional paid service, which costs £10 per hour of work, but no less than £2

Save on postage costs

Shipping multiple items in one parcel is cheaper than shipping each item individually. We will get all your purchased items and consolidate them into one parcel for you.


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The commission for one consolidated and ready to dispatch parcel is 5% of the parcels total value (UK postage costs may apply*) and the minimum commission charge of £8. However, if you requested for us to send you a parcel that contains only one item (so not consolidated) and the value was no more than £30 then this would be exempt from the £8 minimum charge and there would be a new lower minimum commission charge of £5

*Order value may not mean just the items price, if the seller adds a postage cost to send the item to us then this amount will also be added to make the order value. For example, if the item price is £24.99 and there is a delivery cost of £3.99, then these are added to make the order value of £28.9