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Step by step guide to ordering in the UK


Place an order

2 step

Pay the invoice

3 step

Goods at the warehouse

4 step

Order delivered

How do you shop in the UK with us? It’s simple. Read on for a step-by-step guide.

1. Log in to your account and form an order to purchase goods

An order may contain any number of items from one store only. You can leave comments to your order with your suggestions and preferences such as to specify a discount code, etc.

2. We issue an invoice for the placed order

Once you form an order, you will be provided with an automatic invoice. The invoice is displayed in your account and includes the item(s) price you stated in your order. If there are sufficient funds on your balance you will be able to pay for the order immediately. After the invoice is paid we will then purchase the items and send you a notification including a free SMS notification should you wish to receive one. Orders are purchased within 24 hours during a working day after the payment is made.

We also offer "an urgent purchase" service for the orders to be made within an hour to help you catch on the flash sales before they are over.

3. When the order arrives at our warehouse

We will  provide you with an invoice for the delivery and any additional services you might choose once your goods are at the warehouse and packed for the dispatch as per your request. The full list of our services can be found on the Rates page. The delivery invoice will not include any extra charges if you don't order any additional services.

The delivery invoice will mainly include the delivery cost indicating the exact parcel weight and fees (if applicable). Once the invoice is paid the parcels are shipped to you within two business days.Upon shipping you will receive an email and  free SMS notification along with the tracking number that may be used to check on the latest tracking status with the postal service website.

4. Order delivered

Depending on the postal service you choose the standard delivery time from the UK is from 3 to 30 days. All parcels are sent with the certified mail and insured in the amount determined by a customer. Current delivery times can be found here.


As a result all purchases placed through shopping service will have two invoices.The first invoice will cover the order price and the second one will cover the delivery and additionally ordered services. If there are sufficient funds deposited on your account you will be able to pay the invoices instantly which is convenient for ‘urgent’ orders. If there are no deposits you are able to pay each invoice with separate transaction.