Regarding shipments going through postal services

Regarding shipments going through postal services

21 April 2021

Peculiarities in the parcel shipping through postal services appear in connection with upcoming Christmas and New Year holidays as well as with the negotiations are being held extensively upon the trade agreement between the UK and EU.

As we have already reported in the previous news there may be the delays in proceeding with all the cargo on the UK and EU boarders if the agreement between the UK and EU will not be reached.On this account many freight companies move their shipments from the end of December to the beginning of January. The cause for that is the lack of agreement that would lead to the cargo sent to the boarders in the end of December would stuck in the huge line for several days. Therefore HGV drivers have no desire to set off for the haul as they risk to get stuck in a truck line on New Year's Eve. The earlier set off in the last third of December is also impossible to conduct as these dates coincide with the Christmas Eve and the holidays in Europe.

Therefore the final dispatch of this year parcels will be conducted on the 17th of December if the agreement between the UK and EU will not be reached. In case the deal is made the dispatch of one more shipping truck is possible on the 20th of December. This will be reported later on our news section.

We kindly ask our clients to take into account such facts when planning their shopping.

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