Regarding the agreement between The Great Britain and EU

Regarding the agreement between The Great Britain and EU

20 April 2021

The negotiations are taking place at the moment regarding the conclusion on the free trade agreement between the Great Britain and EU.

In case the agreement is not made until the first of January 2021, The UK will leave EU without it (no deal). Following this situation may appear we would like to inform our clients about:

1. This may affect all the shipments between countries what with a new registration procedure.
We expect the delay (if takes place) will not be longer than a few days as all the freight companies have long prepared for such a sequence of events. Possible delay may affect first parcel batches in January 2021. After that the situation will gradually become stable and the shipments resume according the past practices.

2. The exchange rates of  British pound as compared to euro will decrease if the UK exits EU with no deal. This will result in the necessity to raise prices for the shipments going through postal services. The key lies in also paying the bills of post services in euros. This means that there are no alternative but to increase the shipment rate. At the same time the clients from other countries won't register a notable price rise as in this case the exchange rates of  British pound will decrease comparing to other currencies too.

It is also important to add that "no deal" outcome and British pound decrease will make the shopping in the UK as profitable as ever!

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